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The perfect preparation for the most beautiful day: a special day, with good fortune the best day of your life! This requires special make-up….. make-up that adds and contributes to the bridal glow: the bride looks at her best for the ENTIRE day. The application therefore begs a very specialised skilled approach. So many components lead to the highly desired all-in-one effect: … from the onset through to the evening. 

Where do we start?…. The bride is, of course, warmly welcome to come to us for a trial-make-up session. This will enable us to discuss your personalised wishes and desires in order to create the perfect bridal image. We should only be pleased if you are too! 

For full effect, t is also possible to extend your trial session by adding ideas for a hairdo. We work with expert hairdressers who specialise in bridal hairstyles. This means that, on the wedding day, we can do make-up as well as hair. Equally for any bridesmaids and your beloved ones.

On ‘the Big Day’ we can travel to where you wish to prepare…… you need not leave the house! We are mobile.

Make-up is Fun and Fabulous!


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