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VISAVIE is part of the ‘Servaas The Beauty Concept’

Servaas The Beauty Concept is an exclusive enterprise with a modern approach. It is situated in the heart of Maastricht. Independent, yet, complimentary disciplines….. all under one roof. We are team of dedicated women, each qualified experts in our field. Our mantra is CONFIDENCE.

Clients (private as well corporate) can attend for make-up and (hair)styling, beauty treatments, cosmetic nail treatment (OPI) , massages, foot reflexology and medical cosmetic treatments.

Exactly because we have such a diverse team, individual treatments are KEY!

A number of times in the year the Servaas The Beauty Concept organises an ‘After Work Beauty Aperitif’. Whilst enjoying a drink and some nibbles, our beauty experts will lift the corner of the veil and can elaborate on their skills. 

Do you wish to find out more? Our program is set out in our Facebook Page.  

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